Articulating Space

Students expressions in 3-Dimension & words.

The web of Technology encompasses me, takes me in it’s stride. It makes me what I am, what I think, what I represent.

And when I look back I see the past glorious culture, traditions and technological innovations that my country stands for. I am here ,in the present and I am there too.

The vivid colors ,the simplistic ,yet evolved processes of architectural rituals and materials tell me that I belong to a strong rich cultural entity and yet move beyond the past.

These architectural structure and pots signify the ever evolving nature of technology and yet remain stood in time. The constant negotiations between traditional and modernity make the what I am -the essential Indian, symbolized by the turban on the clay pot.

Akshaya Gupta

First Year, Interior Design


Welcome to my Wonderland! What has it got for you? Giving you respite from the heat, this place is snowy, fluffy, cool, even cold, and yet cosy. This cosiness gives me the feeling of comfort. The time to think, to reflect, to meditate, to enjoy, to develop new paradigm, to learn and create new things. This is very me.

This whiteness reflects peace, comfort, serenity and yet a world of fancy. On the slide of library, I engage in learning, imagining and creating new things and ideas. This balances with the “Rose Mary” structure that inspires me to innovate constantly. The waves in the background depict movement.

So the imagery is that of constant balance between making and doing, thinking and being, creativity and enjoyment- amidst the purity of white, perked and spiced with the chillies at the top of the “Rose Mary” symbolic of the spiced fun and bliss that emerges out of the space.

Astha Agarwal

First Year, Interior Design


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